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I am an artist who is not looking for an external beauty around us. I look for colours, smells and sensations. I find them in my surroundings that I feel and endure deeply with my whole body by being present there, in those moments when there is nowhere to rush, only to capture beautiful moments. In those moments I stop and listen - I am learning to anticipate for days, weeks or even months.


I spent year mastering the camera, but the most important to me was to get to know the most naked, intimate side of people with all the emotions and stories. The beauty of the story is not always in the brightest memories, sometimes it is when the smallest ray of light shines through the darkness.


I am that naked creator since my works are embedded with my own stories together ones from people that I have encountered. I am not afraid to awaken the deepest emotions in people through my photography since I believe that art’s purpose is not to merely decorate. Art is a deep feeling that resides in our consciousness. The art piece can disappear, but once seen by a person, the impression stays there forever. Art purifies us, it reminds us who We truly are. In my creative work I talk openly, I never avoid feelings and topics that can make us uncomfortable. I want to hear and feel them all. I am honest and real.



In recent years I have been organising exhibitions, public projects, publishing books and selling art pieces to people all over the world. However, at the moment my biggest creative passion is photography trips. Together with people coming from all over the world we embark on unforgettable journeys around the Northern Italy. Mountains, lakes, forests and valleys - trekking through the nature our eyes and minds open. This is where the most special and real photographs are born, where one stops and listens attentively to oneself. And me, I am there to stop, listen together and capture the moment.


If it feels like this journey is something that you have been waiting for a long time, get in touch with me… There is an extraordinary journey within ourselves awaiting us.

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